Top 5 Best Colleges in California

Top 5 Best Colleges in California

There are more than 450 colleges available in California today. When choosing the best college or university, it is crucial to keep in mind several factors. The most important one is whether the institution is technologically equipped. Do you know what a connected classroom means? Do you know who invented homework? Modern technology has made it possible to provide educators with corresponding teaching materials and up-to-date information without any need to attend traditional libraries and search endlessly for textbooks and scientific journals. The only tools college students and teachers require today to get any information are their communication devices: from Android phones to iPhones and various tablets.

Now, students from the South don’t have to worry that much when falling sick. They may collect all resources they need at a time thanks to the local network of their college or university and easy internet access. Use this important guide written specifically for students who are going to apply to college or university in California. We have analyzed both types of institutions: with traditional and e-learning classes to prepare this Top 5.

Select Higher Education Institution Carefully – Top 5 Choices

California colleges and universities are among the most elite educational institutions in the world. The admission process is very competitive in every institution. A four-year education in California is valuable, but it is recommended to gain Master’s or even Ph.D. degree. They increase chances of receiving a well-paid job with solid growth perspectives. Even if we speak about Bachelor’s degree from college or university in California, it is said that such degree will raise a student’s earning power 108% over those with a high school diploma or GED.
  1. Stanford

For those of you who did not, this university which is considered one of the best higher educational institutions in the world is located here. With its high rankings, the acceptance rate is only 5.1%. Every year, this giant from California completes a variety of research projects and interconnected studies. You can learn more about university’s research endeavors. There is a variety of programs available in six different areas of study: Business, Education, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Humanities & Sciences. More than 95% of students live on university’s campus. Thus, Stanford has a rich culture and powerful traditions. On the whole, this university from California State is ranked 4 on the list of all world’s colleges and universities. There are 21 Nobel laureates among Stanford’s personnel.

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  1. Claremont McKenna

Here is another famous private place in California. There are six more institutions under the name of Claremont. The principles of local education are based on the best traditions of British and American colleges like Cambridge or Oxford. This university style college offers Bachelor of Arts in 33 various fields. Students can live and study on campus or choose to take satellite programs in Washington. Actually, the location does not matter as a student from any country may become part of this place. 97% of students live within the college. They love attending local beach and experiencing with the latest in-class technology.

Number two in our list of Top California educational institutions is ranked 8 according to the U.S. News. Students can win free tickets to Malibu and adorable scholarship in the amount of $35,000+ when studying excellently.
  1. Pomona

The list is basically made of colleges just like Pomona, but its level is more university like. When speaking about Claremont, all rights belong to Pomona as it is a head office. The campus is also huge and has a lot of international students on board. Just like any other university in California, Pomona is focused on liberal arts. It offers 47 areas to cover. The student population, however, is much less than Claremont or Stanford has. Students visit different countries as part of the education abroad program. Up to 400 endowment funds are guaranteed when it comes to financial aid and support. Some of the university grants are enough to cover trips to Malibu and other beautiful places next to Pacific.

Pomona College ranked 5 in World Report. Just like in the case of the previous college in California, this one also has a faculty action equal to 8.1.
  1. University of California

When we talk about Los Angeles and education, there is no way to ignore the role of the University of California, the best public institution around. Those lucky students who managed to get accepted and visit the college can select between 125 wonderful majors! It’s definitely one of the best national US universities. A lot of its students participate in independent researches to prove overall academic situation in the native country and California in particular. Despite its size and location, the institution still has a really severe selection criteria.

The application process is very competitive and complicated. Potential freshmen have to submit ACT or SAT scores along with powerful admissions essay and cover letter (not obligatory). An applicant with ACT scores of 28-34 and an average GPA of 3.89 might get lucky if his personal statement is also impressive. University of California undergraduates all have bright future. You can find out more about grants by reading an article dedicated to the University of California scholarship opportunities

The University of California Alumni consists of Pulitzer Prize recipients, a Fields Medal winner, Nobel laureates, etc. It has the most applicants around the United States, so the competition is rather high.
  1. University of Southern California

No more colleges – the last two positions belong to one of the best universities in the US. Another location in Los Angeles is known as the University of Southern California (USC), and it comes along as a private higher educational institution oriented on research traditions. Its high rankings partially depend on the alumni made of Nobel laureates, National Medal recipients, National Academy Winners, and MacArthur Fellows.

Please mind that in order to obtain major from this university, you have to successfully pass official transcripts, SAT or ACT scores and get acquainted with some other basic requirements. It is possible to become part of the team without having a high school diploma – take SAT. All undergraduates are called to do their best to get institutional or departmental scholarships that are assigned based on the student’s needs. 1/5 of the USC population consists of international students. Wonderful experiences in various fields are waiting for each undergraduate. The desired GPA should be no less than 3.73. Although it ranked only 25, the university is still a great choice among those who wish to live next to the Pacific and closer to Malibu and other famous beaches.

As for the rest of top state’s colleges, one may find:
  • UC in Berkeley
  • California Poly
  • Pepperdine
  • Occidental
  • UC in San Diego
  • UC in Irvine
  • UC in Davis
  • Chapman
  • Point Loma Nazarene
  • Loyola Marymount

There are a lot of community colleges in California as well. These places guarantee unforgettable experiences for all those students who only plan to join popular university or college in California. E.g., it would be easier to survive strict selection process in UCLA if having an experience from one of the community colleges. It is amazing how close students can be to the beach and Pacific Ocean by still studying hard days and nights.

California is a perfect location with the strong educational system. So, if you are ready to become a part of particular college, order your amazing personal statement from experienced online academic writers who used to study in similar colleges one day too.