Your Career Choice: What Influences It and How to Choose?

Your Career Choice: What Influences It and How to Choose?

Not many students start thinking about their career while studying at school. The ideas come when it’s time to graduate and get enrolled in the higher educational institution. But even then the majority of young adolescents rely on the opinion of their parents, teachers, and peers. In fact, you don’t have to listen to anyone else except for your own heart. Otherwise, later you may feel really disappointed for what you’ve done. Hopefully, this brief guide will help you on the way to defining the best sort of work.

The majority of students think that education influences further career choice most of all. From one side, you will have to implement all the knowledge and skills gained at school and higher institution at work.

From the other hand, I know a lot of examples of people who dedicated their life to a completely different job rather than their degree. I am one of those lucky beggars. Being an MBA holder from Harvard Business School, I have become a successful blogger and author of my own short guides and manuals for students and young professionals. Still, as you can guess, my work involves some of the skills I have gained with my Master of Business Administration degree. Those are writing, research, communication, and promotion skills.

In any case, obtaining higher education is a must. If you have any troubles with applying to the target school, contact professional writers who can help you with successful application essay for your further academic life and work and answer the question why is homework bad.


Top Successful Careers of 2016-2017

Anyway, you have to discover what your career passion is. At the same time, you don’t have to undervalue the role of money. You may find a good work, but if the payment is low, you won’t be able to provide yourself a worthy life. To help you a bit, here is the list of the well-paid careers and corresponding degrees in 2016-2017:
  1. Dental hygiene (try working as a dentist)
  2. Biomedical sciences (focus on veterinary)
  3. Sports & fitness administration (work in the sake of those who want to keep fit nowadays)
  4. Computer science (no need to doubt the important role of IT)
  5. Nursing (work as a nurse to become a physician one day)
  6. Health administration (save lives)
  7. Law & business law (work in the sake of justice)

As you can see, the top career list remained almost the same since the last decade. It basically depends on technological progress and innovations. You can also use career counseling if you are not sure about your choice.

Now, let’s focus more on how to make right choices based on your own tastes. If you want to work with pleasure and gain fair money at the same time, you need to consider the factors mentioned below.


Work with Pleasure: Things to Consider When Choosing Career

  • Your hobby and interests (e.g., if you are crazy about music, you don’t necessarily have to be a guitar player. Try being a cool manager for some guys)
  • Education (make a choice until it’s not too late – don’t listen to anyone, even your parents!)
  • The way you make decisions (tow work well, you have to be a confident decision-maker. But not all jobs require this skill)
  • Things that make you happy
  • Things that you hate doing
  • How good you are in English (for international students mostly)
  • Time management skills (any career requires it)
  • Your culture (different countries have different work demands)
  • Previous work experience (even if you want to build a completely different career, still mention your achievements in your resume)
  • Opportunities and threats that exist within modern industries
  • People factor (how well you get on with strangers)
  • Life values (how about children and family?)
  • The amount of money you need to obtain monthly

That’s it! Determining your financial needs is, unfortunately, the most important factor in your career choice. A good work place all alone cannot be compared to the wealthy being. The modern world is built on finances and respectful career relations.

When you think about your work, prepare a brief draft with your approximate expenditures per one month. Count how much money you spend per day. Then, make a final decision regarding what salary is good based on your personal needs.

Don’t fall into every second trap – learn as much about each job offer as you can. Remember: there is no slavery nowadays. Right, it was canceled. Your work is needed, so you have to be rewarded fairly. Thus, focus more on your personal career instead of turning into a slave of some corporation. Make your career choice wisely by ordering personal statement and free consultation from online experts today!