How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay with Topics and Tips

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay with Topics and Tips
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay with Topics and Tips
  2. What is a Cause and Effect Essay?
  3. Structure
  4. How to Write Outline
  5. How to Write Introduction
  6. How to Write Thesis Statement
  7. How to Write Paragraphs
  8. 30 Top Cause and Effect Essay Topics
  9. Conclusion
  10. Cause and Effect Essay Example 1
  11. Cause and Effect Essay Example 2

Regardless of your educational establishment, you have probably come across various types of essays (like: cons of homework). If you have ever dealt with an argumentative or research essay, you know the basics. Academic writing skills are universal. However, writing a good-quality cause and effect essay needs a bit more knowledge. In particular, you need to know how the outline of this essay differs from an argumentative essay or any other academic paper

To start with, collect the instructions from the teacher, and make sure to clarify if he has any specific requirements from you. As you take the instructions, recommended literature, you will have proper guidelines to stick to. 

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

The cause effect essay can, in other words, be called the reason and result. The student is tasked with a problem or event that needs to be researched. The focus is on identifying the “what” or reason that caused some event or problem. The next step is analyzing the consequences. It seems simple but the text should be properly structured and filled with the arguments that support every reason. 

Mind that this type of assignment is aimed at provoking the deep thinking process. The reasons for any event are not always explicit. There are hidden causes and the more analysis the student performs the more unique his ideas become. Giving more thoughts to the topic makes the essay powerful and intriguing. 


The cause and effect essay prompts have a standard structure with the introduction coming first, main body, and finally the conclusion. Although the structure is the same as an argumentative essay would have, the content will differ. To be specific, the body paragraphs and the conclusion will have to be specific to cause and effect topics. 

How to Write Outline

If you plan to work in the academic sphere, learn to work with the essay outline. It is a magic wand that helps with organizing your thoughts. Even if the text is short, the ideas need hierarchy. Start with putting down the thesis statement on top and write down all the arguments you have to support every idea. The outline can be revised, with the ideas cut out or extended. 

How to Write Introduction

The introduction is a catchy opening piece of the text that makes the reader keep on reading. Note that you cannot overshare in the introduction but give enough to attract the attention. A couple of points about what made you write about the issue and a brief insight into what the reader can expect. 

How to Write Thesis Statement

This piece of the paper contains the whole idea squeezed into one precise and informative sentence. Use the outline to understand the scope of your essay and be sure that the thesis statement reflects all the themes you are dwelling on. 

How to Write Paragraphs

The main of the essay contains as many paragraphs as you need. As long as you are not limited in the number of words. The rule is to separate every idea in a paragraph and write the introduction, main body, and conclusion in separate paragraphs. Every paragraph should have a logical ending. 

The cause and effect text can have the following layout:

  • Introduction
  • Paragraph I (cause)
  • Paragraph II (cause)
  • Paragraph III (effect)
  • Paragraph IV (effect)
  • Conclusion

Remember that the effects and conclusions should not contain the same information. Dwell on a separate effect in each paragraph, and provide the overall summary in the conclusion. 

30 Top Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. Results of Armed Conflicts in the developing countries
  2. Video Gaming addiction slows down the mental development of teenagers
  3. Higher education improves the quality of life of individuals
  4. Job satisfaction makes employees more productive
  5. Reason for racism and discrimination in small communities
  6. Effects of mental health on physical health
  7. Teenage obesity: reasons and consequences
  8. Insomnia: causes and effects
  9. Why are lectures useful for college students?
  10. How does advertising influence consumerism?
  11. Why is online shopping popular and how does it influence microeconomics?
  12. Is working out healthy and how does it influence health?
  13. Teenage smoking: reasons and results
  14. Influence of social media on the improvement of communication skills
  15. International educational certificates increase chances of being employed
  16. Second language acquisition influence on knowledge of the native language
  17. How does a pet improve upbringing process of a child
  18. Causes of establishing a dictatorship in a country
  19. How does religion influence worldview?
  20. How does alcohol influence fertility?
  21. How do the high-stress levels influence the nervous system?
  22. Reasons why children lie
  23. Causes and results of natural disasters of the last two decades
  24. Reasons and results of terrorist attacks
  25. How does online learning influence the educational process?
  26. Top reasons for divorce and their effects on children
  27. Top reasons why students refuse higher education 
  28. Is traveling changing the worldview and personality of a person?
  29. Pros and flaws of social media on the social life of teenagers
  30. Reasons and results of burnout


Writing a paper is never easy and rarely fun. A student nowadays is expected to be well- rounded and on top of the tings round-the-clock. Is it that necessary though? Multiple things come as a top priority for you and the cause and effect essay is not on that list. If this is the case, address the professional team that handles student homework regardless of the type of assignment. Send the assignment over and the writer will ensure the quality of the paper and timely delivery while you can enjoy your free time. 


Cause and Effect Essay Example 1

Topic: What effects has the computer had on our lives?

The twenty-first century is already turning out to be the century of the computer. The computer revolution that started after the Second World War is now developing exponentially and computers are beginning to influence and take over nearly every aspect of our lives. Computers are clearly changing and affecting society in many ways. The two main areas in which computers have brought about a profound change in our lives are in the economic field and in the field of communications.

The computer has led to immense changes in economic and business life. First, businesses now have to be computerised or they risk failure. Every big corporation bases its operations on computing, regardless of which sector they are in. For example, Coca-Cola, the BBC and Levi’s market and sell different products and services, yet they all share one basic property – without computers their operations would collapse. Second, computing is an economic dynamo. Japan, China, India and many other countries have large IT sectors which drive their economies upwards. Furthermore, the developed world is moving from an industrial-based economy to a computer and IT-based one.

It is not just in business that computers have affected us so profoundly; communication has been revolutionised totally. Firstly, whereas before, people wrote letters, which would often take weeks to reach their destinations, or speak on the phone, which was terribly expensive, now they e-mail. For instance, instead of waiting weeks for a letter now, we can read it instantly, seconds after it’s been written. Secondly, many people use computers to communicate with people all around the world using chat rooms and chat programs, this was impossible before the computer became widespread. As a result, now people who live thousands of kilometres away from each other can communicate as much as they want and whenever they want using e-mail and/or chat rooms. In conclusion, computers have had a profound effect on our lives in many ways and it is in business and communication that they have had the greatest influence. In the future, if the computer continues evolving at such speed, our business practices and methods of communication will undergo even more radical changes. 


Cause and Effect Essay Example 2

Topic: Effects of watching too much TV

Discoveries and invention of devices are always welcome till we, humans, find a way to abuse its benefits and be adversely affected by it. This was the case when Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x-ray and within five years, the British Army was using a mobile x-ray unit to locate bullets and shrapnel in wounded soldiers in Sudan. TV was also invented with positive thoughts in mind – there would be no national borders, education and communication would be worldwide, etc. However, we are now trying to overcome its physiological and psychological adverse effects on human beings.

One of the physiological effects of watching TV in excessive amounts is eye-strain. It is true that there are specifications for watching TV; TV should be 5 m. away from the eye, the room should be adequately lit, TV should be placed at the same height with our eyes, etc. However, these do not prevent our eyes from getting tired if we keep watching TV for a long time. Another effect is obesity, which is widely observed in people who like watching TV and eating snacks everyday (there is even a term “TV snacks” to refer to fast food that is suitable for eating in front of the TV). TV is such a powerful machine that people cannot get away from it – it is addictive.

Apart from the physiological effects, TV also causes psychological effects. One is a result of being exposed to violence. After seeing so many violent scenes on TV, people start considering violent actions normal and they lose their sensitivity to their environment. Partly connected to this effect, the interpersonal communication among people decreases. Being insensitive to the suffering of other people causes people to become alienated. Also, after coming home from work people seek to relax in front of the TV, and generally people prefer watching TV to talking to each other. This issue is very important since lack of interpersonal relationships mostly end with divorces.

Shortly, inventions are meant to be beneficial for human beings, if we know how to benefit from them. TV is one of such inventions that need to be used for the right purpose only – being educated and entertained for a reasonable (according to age) period of time. We may, then, be safe from or at least reduce the adverse physiological and psychological effects of watching too much TV.