Top 10 Careers that Grow Very Fast in 2020

Top 10 Careers that Grow Very Fast in 2020
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  1. Top 10 Careers that Grow Very Fast in 2020

Nowadays, technologies and computer science develop super fast. Some people are interested in what careers will grow fastest in 2020 and how to get motivated to do homework. We have prepared our list with the top 10 fastest growing careers. This information will be useful for both working people and high-school students who are still busy with their homework but dream to choose a brilliant career in the future.

When we were making our list, we used information from the US Bureau of Statistics. Plus, we have counted the influence of the COVID pandemic on the job market. Whether you're a working person, or you stayed without a job, or you're a student yet, we recommend reading this article to everyone.

Now, please take a look at the top 10 of jobs that will grow fastest this year:

1. The installer of solar photovoltaic batteries. This kind of work means installing and maintaining all sorts of solar systems. Alternative energy sources are an actual thing in the current time, so this is quite a needed job. Of course, you have to be prepared to work on roofs and be on feet all day, mostly outside. If you want to get this job, a high school diploma is quite enough. You can find many schools and courses that prepare PV installers. People have their training during studying. 

Median salary: $42,000

2. The technician of wind turbines. This is a similar job to PV installers, only here workers install, repair, and maintain wind turbine systems that serve to get energy from wind. Please pay attention that windtechs have to work at tall heights and in confined spaces. This sort of job will require you to be on feet all day. If you're interested in this work, it's simple to find various certified courses. 

Median salary: $50,000

3. Home health aide. This job means assistance to elder, ill, or disabled people every day. You have to help them to eat, bathe, dress, make sure they take medication. Aides work in client's houses usually or in a hospital. Usually, home health aides need to get a certificate to start working. It depends on the state: in some states, more formal training is fine. If you feel that your mission is to help other people and make their lives better, you can try out this job.

Median salary: $24,000 

4. Occupational therapy aide. These workers help people to recover their daily skills. Many patients need special exercises using special equipment, and your task is to teach them. You also have to clean treatment areas and schedule appointments. You need a high school diploma and special courses that include training. To work as an occupational therapy aide, you have to get a certificate.

Median salary: $29,000

5. Information security analyst. Nowadays, we live in an era of cyber attacks and hackers. Of course, businesses and companies try to keep their information safe. A security analyst helps to protect important data from bad guys. Lately, the demand for this job is getting higher. You will need a bachelor's diploma in computer science. Some companies require MBA certification.

Median salary: $98,000

6. Physician assistant. If you're interested in medicine, you can work as an assistant to help surgeons and doctors in their everyday work with patients. For this job, you need to get a Master's degree in medicine. This is a great option for those who love medicine and want to work in this sphere without studying for long years.

Median salary: $100,000

7. Mathematician/Statistician. Nowadays, many spheres need good professionals to analyze data and apply math to solve problems. Statisticians and mathematicians help companies to improve. You need a Master's degree in statistics or math. Some companies require only a bachelor's degree for a statistician position.

Median salary: $85,000

8. Genetic consultants. These specialists work with couples who want to have a healthy baby. They analyze parents' genetics and aware them of any genetic disorders their future children may get. Nowadays, many couples prefer to make analyses and visit genetics to make sure they can have a healthy child. You need a Master's degree to work on this position.

Median salary: $80,000

9. Speech therapists. These specialists work with both children and adults to diagnose and treat their communication and speech problems. Speech therapists can work in schools, medical centers, and hospitals. It's a job for patient people who want to help others to get rid of their problems. They need a Master's degree in medicine and a license in the state where they work.

Median salary: $79,000

10. Nurse assistant. This job is similar to a physician assistant. You can diagnose people, evaluate lab results, and prescribe meds. You need a Master's degree in medicine to work on this position. Depending on the state, this job may have some restrictions. It's a great opportunity for those who want to help people and work in medicine without long years of studying. As a plus, you will be getting a good salary!

Median salary: $100,000

As you can see, there are plenty of great jobs you can select to build a good career. You need only to decide what attracts you the most and then follow your dream. Nobody says it's easy but if you can dream it, you can do it without doubts! And if you're still studying in college and feel stuck with your homework, you need our experts to solve your problems fast! 

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