40+7 fresh informative essay topics 2021 to get high grades

40+7 fresh informative essay topics 2021 to get high grades
Table of Contents
  1. 40+7 fresh informative essay topics 2021 to get high grades
  2. What is an informative essay
  3. Informative essay structure
  4. Helpful tips on how to choose a good topic for an informative essay
  5. What determines a pertinent essay topic
  6. Picking an interesting topic for informative writing in 5 simple steps
  7. Read instructions carefully and understand the assignment
  8. Consider the class and the audience
  9. Brainstorm
  10. Research the topic
  11. Formulate thesis statement
  12. Top Informative Essay Topics 2020
  13. Informative essay topics for Middle School students
  14. Informative essay topics for High School
  15. Informative essay topics for College students
  16. Easy informative essay topics
  17. Interesting  informative essay topics
  18. 2020
  19. Stress
  20. Social networks
  21. Teenage pregnancy
  22. Domestic violence
  23. Plastic surgery
  24. Eating disorders
  25. Need help with essay writing?

Informative essays are among the most common assignments for school and college students. This essay type is not difficult if you know all the rules. In FACT, many students find the process of picking the topic for an informative essay more difficult than writing the essay and answer the question why is homework important. The reason is that they don’t know how to do it right. In this article we have collected the most helpful information on how to choose a good topic for your informative paper and made up a list of the most interesting informative essay topics to write about.

What is an informative essay

Informative essays are a\\ type of writing the purpose of which is to inform the audience or readers about some topics, notion, idea, phenomenon, person, fact, etc. These essays are neutral by nature. Thus, you are not required to state your position, provide argument, persuade the reader, as in a persuasive essay, or take the side regarding the issue. The main aim of this essay type is to inform the reader. Do not express your opinion or use pronoun “I” in an informative essay. Use third person narration.

Informative essay structure

An informative essay has a classical five-paragraph structure. It should consist of an introduction, which starts with a hook and ends with a  thesis statement, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. These are the structural components of any essay that make it complete. 

A typical  informative essay outline looks as follows.

  • Hook
  • General information on the topic
  • Thesis statement
Main body paragraphs
  • Topic sentence (that is related to the thesis statement)
  • Controlling idea
  • Supporting details
  • Concluding sentence
  • Restated thesis statement
  • Summary of the main points
  • General conclusion

When writing an informative essay, make sure to develop your ideas logically and use transition words for coherence.


 Helpful tips on how to choose a good topic for an informative essay

Students often underestimate the stage of topic choice, considering it the easiest. However, it is an important and quite difficult stage in writing an essay. As if you choose a bad topic or the one you do not like, you are highly unlikely to complete a good paper and receive a high grade. To choose a good topic, you should understand what a good topic is

What determines a pertinent essay topic

There are some factors that determine whether the essay topic is good or irrelevant. A good topic :

  1. Is relevant 
  2. Interesting for the reader/audience
  3. Provides interesting and relevant information
  4. Is up-to-date
  5. Is chosen considering the instructions

Picking an interesting topic for informative writing in 5 simple steps

Students often get confused when they were not assigned a topic and have to chose it by themselves. This process might be easy, fast, and interesting if you have a plan. If the professor has not assigned you a topic, follow these simple steps to choose the best informative topic by yourself and make your homework fun.

This is an important step. To avoid loss of points due to the wrong essay type, length, or format, read the instructions attentively to understand what you should write in your paper. 

For sure, you should choose the topic hat is interesting for you. But it should also be relevant and interesting for the reader and correspond to the paper requirements

If the topic does not come to your mind, brainstorm and write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Think of the topics you have covered in class. Maybe there are some your would like to write about. You may also find list with topics ideas on the Internet.  Then, narrow down the list, leaving only the most interesting ideas.

Making research is the step students often think about only in the process of essay writing. Sometimes, the topic chosen in too narrow or too broad to be covered within the requested word count. For this reason, make research before you start working on your paper to make sure there is enough information available to cover the chosen idea in your paper.

Thesis statement is the main idea of an essay. Thus, it is logical to formulate it before you start writing your paper. Creating a thesis statement helps to set the direction of your writing and understand which particular points you will discuss in your paper.


Top Informative Essay Topics 2020

We have collected a list of the most interesting ideas for informative essay to inspire you. Check them out.ra

words trending topic written against red and orrange abackground

Informative essay topics for Middle School students

  1. The history of Hollywood movies
  2. Who has invented homework
  3. How to be a successful student
  4. How to do homework fast
  5. How movies affect children
  6. The history of school uniform 
  7. How drugs affect health
  8. What is vegetarianism
  9. The best country to live in 
  10. The importance of sport in life

Informative essay topics for High School

  1. How deforestation contributes to global warming
  2. Global events cancelled due to the Coronavirus
  3. How to prevent bullying at school
  4. Beauty standards in different countries
  5. Famous masterpieces in commercials
  6. What is cybercrime and why it is dangerous
  7. Homelessness in the US
  8. History of capital punishment
  9. The aftermaths of World War II
  10. The funniest laws

Informative essay topics for College students

  1. Main causes of stress among college students
  2. How has COVID-19 affected the quality of education
  3. Effectiveness of online education
  4. Why teenagers want to try smoking
  5. Main causes of teenage pregnancy
  6. Causes and outcomes of the Cold War
  7. Reasons why people immigrate to the US
  8. The importance of healthy sleep for  mental health
  9. Trump presidency outcomes
  10. Effects of vegetarianism on health

Easy informative essay topics

  1. The effects of classical music on mental activity
  2. How caffeine addiction effects health
  3. Countries with the highest poverty levels
  4. How to cope with procrastination
  5. Racism in the US
  6. History of tattoos
  7. Advertisement campaigns that promote sexism
  8. What is emotional intelligence and why it is important
  9. The importance of recycling
  10. History of feminism in the US

Interesting  informative essay topics 

You can choose good topics from these ideas


A lot of things have happened in 2020. This year has changed lives and perception of many things. You can write about one of the 2020 issues such as

  • COVID-19. How it has affected the global economy, ecology, education, business, families.
  • US Presidential elections 2020 were discussed around the globe. You may write your essay about one of its aspect
  •  BlackLivesMatter is definitely a topic for discussion
  • Emergence of Cancel culture as a new phenomenon is also an interesting topic


Stress is a disease of the 21 century. Many people suffer from it. You may discuss causes of stress in a specific group of people, such as college students. Healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with stress is another good topic

Social networks

Instagram and TikTok are super popular today. You may discuss the reason why they are so popular. How they affect teenagers, body image perception, and haters.

Teenage pregnancy

The ever relevant topic is teenage pregnancy. Make a research on the topic, and tell about the most common and unusual reasons for teenage pregnancy, how to prevent it, what to do if it happens. You may also some interesting stories

Domestic violence

Domestic violence rates are high. You may tell how to act in such situations, how to avoid them, and how to prevent it. You may also share statistics in different countries.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is an acute question today. Before, people resorted to it as a last measure and only in the case of the necessity. Today, millions of girls resort to it to improve their body and self-esteem. Share interesting facts, statistics, and stories. Tell about the psychological reasons behind this step. You my also tell about fails.

Eating disorders

There numerous trends related to healthy lifestyle and healthy eating propagated on the social networks. However few  of them are actually healthy. Majority lead to eating disorders such as anorexia. Another topic related to eating habits is current opioid crisis. Discuss the main causes, outcomes, and prevention.

Need help with essay writing?

If you are still not sure which topic to choose or how to present it. Try online writing assistance. Just send us the instructions and what you want to see in your essay. A professional writer will help you choose the most interesting and pertinent informative essay topics as well as complete a comprehensive essay. Give it a try!