Tips on How to Use ASA Format the Right Way

Tips on How to Use ASA Format the Right Way

Many a format of writing exist. One such is ASA format (American Sociological Association), along with APA or MLA styles. ASA citation format causes difficulties to students, in spite of the fact that there is nothing hard about it.

This format is the most common among scientists and academics. It is mostly used by students who study sociology. Those who want to publish their research paper in publishing houses apply this style. Also, research essays are on the list. ASA format, like others, changes all the time depending on the primary sources.

What Is ASA Format?

Students of universities/colleges from the sociological departments have a task to write essays and look for a guide. They undertake a study looking for informational relevant sources. Before publishing their works, students write them according to the ASA format citation requirements. This style is similar to APA when it comes to citations in an assignment. The rules for quotations in the text in ASA format need to specify the first author's name, then the initial date of publication of the material to which you refer.

Some Crucial Things about ASA Citation Format

  • The list of references should be written at the end of your scientific work;
  • Each source cited should be included in the list of references, each of them should be cited in the work
  • Start the list of links on a new page
  • Insert a title of the references at the top, in the center of the page
  • Make a one-half inch margin from the left side
  • Firstly, specify the names of authors followed by their surnames
  • If the work was written by a committee, the use of et al. would be unacceptable.

The last rule of ASA citation format is to place in an alphabetical order the last names of the authors of each work. If using several works of the same author, write them in the order of publication, from the old to the new ones. Now that you know what is ASA format, start writing the assignment to reap the best results!

Learn How to Cite in ASA Format

Put the notes in the same arrangement as they appear on the page and make a numbering under the line. The order is a crucial thing in ASA citation format. If one firstly specifies the work of the writer, he should write his full name and the year of publication. Specify the page number in ASA format. In this case, it will be separated from the publication year by a column with no spaces.

Simple Rules with ASA Format Example

The assignment should be written in simple words and the Active Voice. Never use jargon, slang or general expressions in ASA format. Words such as “percent”, “versus” are written in words, do not abbreviate them. As for abbreviations in ASA citation format, use them in tables or graphs. Apply gender terms if they have important meanings in the analysis that is conducted.

Be careful about ethnic and racial stereotypes. Describe race or ethnicity precisely e.g., Mexican instead of Latin American. In a case when one uses an abbreviation in the text, specify its full name in brackets. Once it is done, use the abbreviations.

ASA Bibliography Format

Write a list of references on another page. Do not forget that it’s needed to make it in an alphabetical order by the author's name in ASA bibliography format. Apply hanging indent if using two or more authors' names of the same work. Write all the elements according to the rules of ASA paper format. If you want to indicate the writer for the second time, use six hyphens and a period instead of names. To discern the paperwork of the same author, add the letters, for e.g. 2015а, 2017 b, 2018с.

ASA format citation is easy to make. For titles of books and periodicals, use italics or underline them. If there is no publishing date, apply the combination " N. d.". Specify not the city but the state of the place of publication. Draw on the abbreviation of the U.S. postal code. If the writer of the book is from other cities, specify the name of the country. Use online sources to check ASA format example. It would be easier to write the assignment if you have a general idea of how to cite in ASA format.

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