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What Can University Graduate Do with a Philosophy Degree?

Posted at 03/27/2017 by

Philosophy is an art of thinking and reasoning. A philosophy degree is not as popular as degrees in IT or Business nowadays because it is considered an old-fashioned discipline. Don’t think that the only thing you could do once your graduate with this degree is giving public speeches on some trivi...

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Principles of Academic Paper Formatting of All Pages: APA Style

Posted at 03/04/2017 by

Students call formatting an essay the hardest part of any academic writing process. They share that it takes more time to study writing style guides than reading a particular article or whole chapter to retell it. The principle of every citation style is alike: it’s all about inserting in-text cit...

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Understand the Process of Writing a Good Case Study Project

Posted at 02/20/2017 by

A case study is something you should not simply write, but also solve. The information provided in such kind of paper should be a response to the existing problem. Except for defining and analyzing the issue, it is also important to find all possible ways out. Present them to the reader in your text...

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Learn the Basics of Algebra in Just One Article!

Posted at 02/03/2017 by

Algebra is a complex high school and college science which requires an in-depth knowledge of math as well as the basic operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing). The article provides a lot of secrets applied to learn algebra without any difficulties.Basic Points in AlgebraUnderstan...

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Major Tips and Structure of an Academic Research Paper

Posted at 01/25/2017 by

The first sign of getting older in terms of education is a new writing assignment known as a research paper. Compared to a regular high school writing task like essay, college research paper requires much more time and efforts. While you don’t have to add an abstract and appendix to your essay, a ...

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Write a Persuasive Essay without Any Obstacles

Posted at 01/11/2017 by

The target of any persuasive paper is to convince your audience of your own beliefs. In other words, you have to persuade that your strong idea is more legitimate than all other related thoughts. Usually, authors reach this goal through stating logical arguments and expressing their emotions. Eviden...

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Advantages of Being an Expert in Computer Science

Posted at 12/20/2016 by

If you dream of a wealthy future, you should consider computer engineering careers. Focus on studying Computer Science at the high school and Information Technology in college. These two disciplines will become your core subjects for the next 5 years. We recommend gaining both Bachelor and Master’...

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