Top 10 Paying Jobs in Computer Science

Top 10 Paying Jobs in Computer Science

Many students dream about a career in computer science but few of them understand the main goals of this job and their responsibilities. Usually, young people imagine themselves as hackers or FBI computer analytics. In fact, the variety of computer science jobs can expand your expectations. The possibilities in this field are really endless, and if you’re thinking about a computer science career, it’s possible to choose a well-paid job that will bring you not only satisfaction and good ambitions but great money.

Read our top seven paid careers and make your choice without doubts! Find out the importance of homework! We have gathered the most popular jobs in computer science with the highest salaries. No matter if you’re graduating from university already or just studying in college, preparing your homework, and thinking about the future, this article will be useful for you!

1. Software Developer

This job requires creating software programs for users on their devices, including computers, laptops, and smartphones. A software developer is responsible for product development, testing, and software maintenance. People who want to work in this sphere must have good skills in computer languages to write codes for various programs and applications. They also must be creative technically to be able to solve any occurred problems fast. The vital skill is communication because software developers must work in a team and communicate with colleagues and managers. According to the statistics, a median income for software developers is around $105,600. Nowadays, employment is growing constantly. This is one of the most popular jobs chosen by students. Wages: $60,000 - $150,000. 

2. Database Developer

This role sometimes overlaps with Database Engineer or Data Warehouse Developer (see above job description) and can cover a broad range of tasks. Typical responsibilities / skills: data management and administration, data modeling, data warehousing, investigate data integrity issues; devise and conduct data tests for integrity, and follow an action plan for any necessary recovery; document access of specific databases for developers in other departments; work with logical and physical models of data; understand principles of distributed data, data redundancy; incorporate database updates as per stakeholder requirements; produce reports on analyzed business intelligence data; write database queries and complementary computer code to support internal applications, and which are possibly shared with developers in other departments. This may require knowing “back end” programming or scripting languages such as Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc., as well as knowledge of both traditional RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) and newer NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, Hadoop and others. The role tends to require specific commercial database system experience, experience with database performance tuning and troubleshooting, and may require some forms of certification. Wages: $75,000 - $130,000. 

3. Web Developer

If you’re a creative person, we suggest turning your attention to a web developer career. This is a popular choice for modern students. Your main task is writing code to create sites, and making these websites polished. You must have good skills in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. These are the main languages used by front-end developers for creating websites. As we already said, you have to be a creative person to work with sites, make the web pages accessible, and develop a user-friendly interface. Besides, these specialists in the field of computer science must have good communication skills to work in a team. A median income for this job is around $73,800. Currently, employment continues to grow. Wages: $45,000 - $90,000.

4. Database Administrator

The main task for these specialists is to manage databases for a particular organization. A database contains tons of information, and administrators maintain their organization and fix any occurred mistakes and issues. Needless to say, a specialist in this field must have great problem-solving skills to correct any mistakes and malfunctions. They also must have good communication skills to work in a team. According to statistics, a median income for this job is around 93,800. Employment is growing currently. Wages: $43,000 - $100,000.

5. Hardware Engineer 

If you’re interested in how the computer works, we suggest turning your attention to the hardware engineer position. This is a specialist who knows everything about computer parts. The hardware engineer develops memory, processor, motherboard, and many other parts of the computer. These professionals can work on medical or car equipment. Needless to say, you have to know everything about computer parts to fulfill this job. Besides, you need to have good communication skills to work with engineers, developers, and clients. A median income for this job is around $86,800, and currently, the employment continues to grow. This is the best career for those people who enjoy working with computer hardware. Wages: $40,000 - $90,000. 

6. Computer Programmer

This specialist is writing codes and creates software programs that are designed by a software engineer or developer. As people always say, software developers make ideas, and computer programmers bring them into life. If you’re thinking about working in this position, you must have strong skills in programming languages. Another part of this specialist is testing and improving code in existing programs. A median income for this job is around $75,000. Wages: $44,000 - $84,000. 

7. Solutions Architect

A Solutions Architect role is similar to other architect roles and can go beyond the scope of IT. experience with hardware and software systems is a common requirement, as is an understanding of business operations. This role is sometimes but not always synonymous with a Director or CTO (Chief Technical Officer) position. Typical responsibilities/ skills; understand the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle); have broad technical knowledge of computer systems; conduct process flow analyses; transform business/ customer requirements into technical requirements (functional design document); understand and have experience with databases; interact with developers and bridge different IT architect roles. Wages: $ 79,000 - 112,000.

8. Computer Systems Analyst

This is a specialist who accesses the company’s computer systems and increases its effectiveness by providing various software and hardware changes and improving. This job requires constant communication with employees and managers. You must have convincing skills to explain to the management why the company must accept changes. Also, you need good skills in business to understand what’s better for a particular company. A median income for this job is around $90,000. Wages: $50,000 - $105,000.

9. Quality Assurance Analyst

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) work is one of those unusual sets of roles where compensation varies widely. Companies that appreciate the value of proper testing and “code coverage” pay more for a good Software QA Analyst/Engineer than they might for a Software Developer/Software Engineer, and thus often require a seasoned developer/ engineer. Other companies pay much less and tend to employ QA testers - although both variations are sometimes referred to as a Software QA Engineer. In QA work, these are overlapping roles. The tester role is focused on running predefined test suites and verifying the results, reporting bugs or interacting with Software Developers/Engineers. A QA Analyst/Engineer is more likely to be the person designing test suites and improving code coverage to verify that everything that needs to be tested is being tested. The latter role can require experience with programming/ scripting languages and/or Web or Mobile platforms. Wages: $60,000 - $150,000.

10. Computer Network Architect

These are professionals who work with the company's networks to improve their effectiveness. They also evaluate services and products to see if the company’s productivity can be increased. An architect tests systems before the implementation and solves problems. If you want to work on this position, you must have good analytical and communication skills. A median income for this job is around $112,700. Wages: $75,000 - $128,000.


As you can see, there are a lot of great computer science jobs to select from. If you have already graduated from university, we wish you good luck in finding the job of your dreams. And if you’re still studying, we recommend developing the needed skills to become a great specialist in the future. If you need any help with your computer science homework, feel free to ask our experienced assistants for help. They’re ready to fulfill your tasks in the shortest terms and send the completed assignment without delays!